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Planning For Success

Let us help you get started!

A written business plan is your first step towards a successful business. Business Plans are realistic and provide a road map for decision making. They focus your ideas and allow you to set realistic goals for yourself. Certainly a lender will insist on reviewing a written plan, but the biggest benefit is really to the business owner him/herself.
On Friday April 29th, Alison Lobb is leading a workshop on business planning. Share, as we discuss the dos and don’ts, as well as steps needed to get your business plan started and, ultimately, your business started and doing well. It’s often overwhelming for a first-time entrepreneur to put their dreams on paper, but it’s the first step to a successful business. Learn how to evaluate your ideas and figures and put together a professional business plan.

LOCATION: Huron Business Centre
CONTACT: or 519-527-0305