Hill Street runway has been a Christmas tradition for 21 years!

'If you don't know about this tradition, our street has been lightening Hill St with about 300 candles for 21 years now so Santa can find his way to Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Claus are on the St. from 6:30 - 8pm. When we moved on the street we started this tradition of all the neighbours getting together to put candles in bags and light the runway--It is pretty special as at the time the kids on the street were ages 3-10 and now they still come back on that evening to do this. Every year cars drive up and down the street --I guess a tradition for others too. In the past few yrs we have added my parents to the mix and lots of kids drop by for one final Christmas wish and off to bed'.   Susan Meyers

Please join your neighbours in keeping with this magical tradition.

See you Christmas Eve!