Welcome Katie!

Katie Willis is a grade eleven student currently studying at St. Anne’s Catholic Secondary School. Before she enrolled at St. Anne’s she finished her elementary school career at Huron Centennial Public School. Katie has grown up with two older brothers, her Mother, and her Father on a farm outside of Bayfield with a variety of animals. She was born on April 21st 1997, so visibly, she will be turning seventeen in the nearing month. As well as being intrigued in her studies, Katie continually takes on extra-curricular activities with her school and outside of St. Anne’s. Some events/activities she participates in are hockey, soccer, figure skating, and volunteering. She is actively conscious of the world around her and represents this by joining with Free the Children and Me to We to maintain and create a better life for those who are less privileged. When she has completed her high school career she hopes to continue on to University to partake in an International Development program as well as Political Science. Katie desires to develop a knowledge based on her surroundings and her global community. She has recently joined a Co-operative learning program at the present time at the town hall in Clinton, Ontario as a Project Assistant. It is her hope to gain further experience in the working environment and she is overjoyed to assist Genny Smith as her semester advances. Katie has a strong work ethic that will be exercised during this time.

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