CCHBIA Name Change

At the last Board of Management meeting we had a great presentation from Jeff Roy, head of the rebranding committee,  about re branding of the Clinton and Central Huron BIA. Some great ideas were brought to the table. One of them was changing our name to simply “Central Huron BIA” from the lengthy Clinton and Central Huron BIA. This change and the ensuing mock up posters and banners seemed to flow nicely. The shortened name would bring us more in line with the Municipality of Central Huron and their efforts to create a more unified Municipality. We still are going to advertise Town of Clinton in all our downtown advertising and print. However, this name change would put more focus on the Municipality as a whole.

As the Co-Chairs Tricia and I would like to put forward this name change. This is a topic that will create lengthy discussion. We encourage you to come to our next BIA meeting (November 8th) with any questions, concerns and comments you may have. If you cannot attend this meeting we are accepting emails with your thoughts or a simple yes or no answer. A date and time for a proper vote will be discussed at this meeting.

Thank you for your participation.
Michael and Tricia
Co-Chairs CCHBIA