Paint the Town Red

The plan is for all retail businesses in Huron County to participate. There is no cost for the business to participate all we are asking is that the businesses donate a percentage of their sales for those days November 25-27 or the moneys raised through a promotion they did for the Paint the Town Red campaign. The United Way Perth- Huron will come here and pick up the funds raised by Dec 9th.  So all I need from the businesses is to register. When they are registered a package will come here for them and be delivered out. The businesses will also be highlighted by the United Way Perth- Huron. The package will contain:

  1. Participant P.R. Benefits
  2. Window Poster for your team to share how you are participating
  3. Donation Tally Sheet
  4. Supported Partner Services Info that serves your specific region
  5. Community Impact Report
  6. Link to online Paint the Town Red resource toolbox with more tools