Residential hospice planning in the South West LHIN

The South West LHIN is working with the South West Hospice Palliative Care Leadership Committee and local Hospice Palliative Care Collaboratives to ensure there are clear and effective mechanisms to engage with constituents and communities to advance a unified approach towards establishing residential hospice capacity for each sub-region within the LHIN.

Grey Bruce, Huron Perth and Elgin are established as priority geographies for the establishment of residential hospice capacity and are actively planning to allow for expanded services. In these areas, each local Collaborative has established a residential hospice subcommittee to begin looking at a unified solution to expand residential hospice in that sub-region geography. The subcommittees are engaging with local community stakeholders who have identified interest in residential hospice capacity to ensure that as capacity is expanded in the future, the selected models meet the needs of all communities within the sub-region.

To date, there has been significant work on the part of many partners. There also continues to be ongoing challenges in bringing partners together to ensure a coordinated effort and support for a unified approach that meets the needs of an entire sub-region geography. Individual communities motivated to establish a residential hospice, despite best intentions, may be at odds with a unified solution within a sub-region that will ensure access for all and the use of resources in a way that best supports developing sustainable capacity across the LHIN.

Nevertheless, the LHIN is appreciative of the strong community interest and support for the development of residential hospice capacity and will continue to work with all partners to achieve the best possible solution for the patients and families that our system is here to support.
Further information on the South West Hospice Palliative Care Network, factors that influence residential hospice planning, our process to consider and action residential hospice related recommendations, and the necessary requirements for a residential hospice can be found in the attached backgrounder.