SW LHINS November update on Huron Perth Residential Hospice

A commissioned study and report has been completed to inform a Huron Perth solution for residential hospice. The report identifies a unified solution to meet the needs of all residents in Huron and Perth and recommends the most appropriate management and governance model to position the project for success.  The report was endorsed by the Huron Perth Residential Hospice Planning Subcommittee which was comprised of representatives from Huron and Perth Counties. The Subcommittee worked with the consulting firm Lough Barnes to develop a unified model for residential hospice to best meet the needs of the entire sub-region. The report was tabled, reviewed and subsequently endorsed by the Huron Perth Hospice Palliative Care Collaborative on November 23rd and will now be forwarded to the South West Hospice Palliative Care Leadership Committee for review in December. The Leadership Committee’s responsibility is to review the proposal and make a decision if it will recommend that the LHIN staff move the proposal forward to the board. Subject to recommendation from the Leadership Committee, we anticipate that the proposal will be brought before the South West LHIN Board in January 2017. The report and its recommendations will continue to be in draft format until it makes its way through the decision making process.


The proposed model includes a recommendation for a centralized location: 6 beds in Stratford and 4 beds to be located in the Clinton area.  The Stratford site was recommended because it is the most populous centre within Perth County and the Clinton area was recommended because it is central for Huron County. The 10 beds are being optimally positioned to maximize access for all residents of the Huron Perth sub-region.  The proposed model also includes one management structure operating both sites as well as one Board of Directors comprised of Huron and Perth community members. 


South West LHIN funding will be conditional upon review and endorsement by the South West LHIN Board and will be allocated on a per bed basis. Capital funding and any annual operating funding shortfalls over and above the per bed allocation are not covered by LHIN funding. It is anticipated that the new Residential Hospice beds will be open and operational no later than March 31, 2018.  






       Lisa Penner

       South West LHIN Hospice Palliative Care Network Lead