ONT3D Archery Tournament Series
 - Partnership Proposal

We offer a number of different partnership packages, all mutually beneficial and all are customize-able to ensure they suit your company or situation. Please do not hesitate to discuss packages openly with us, and negotiate with us to suit your needs. These packages are available at a first come, first served basis.

Series Title Sponsor:  *(Limited to one per year) NLA

Series Title Sponsor for the entire ONT3D tour for 2016:
We are hosting 5 main events with the possibility of an indoor event in the winter months. (Not set in stone as of yet.) We would seek a sponsorship of $7500.00 in total, with up to $2500.00 in product based on dealer cost.

What we would guarantee:
• Title advertisement for the series (The Your Company Here” ONT3D Archery Tournament Series)
• Title advertisement advertisement on all score cards (Your Company Presents: The 2016 ONT3D Archery Tournament Series)
Your Company Logo placement on the front page of our website in rotating carousel with our main advertisement
Your company mentioned in all social media posts as well as any other media that will be printed going for the calendar year of sponsorship
• At each official event, a space will be made available where your company is encouraged to have a booth run by a representative that directly represents your company. Direct exposure on a personal level.
• ONT3D will be filming several promotional videos for Internet circulation as well as advertising material for co-operative work with host city tourism departments. This includes air time on additional websites, radio mentions, mutual social media circulation with our other partners, as well as paid spots in other venues by ONT3D. Your company secures a title sponsor mention with logo and website within the video and written media that goes along with it.
Your company will get automatic involvement in all Hailee’s Canadian Women of the Outdoors seminars (as few as three, as many as five) per calendar year, title sponsor advertisement at each seminar as well as information distribution to each participant (e.g-pamphlets included in each seminar package, thank you letters distributed to companies and media outlets)
• The ONT3D truck is on the road all the time. We are constantly moving throughout the province, as well as making trips through the U.S. to national tournaments and archery ventures. We turn a lot of heads with our graphics. Your company will secure an advertisement section of their choice on the truck (tailgate, front quarter panel, rear windshield)
• Series title sponsorship is limited to ONE major sponsor per year. No other sponsors will be applied to this package.

General Series Manufacturer Sponsor: *(Limit of one per year)  

ONT3D General Series sponsorship:
We would seek a sponsorship of $3000.00, $1500.00 of which would be monetary with the option to pay the remaining in product or a combination of product and monetary amount (product based on dealer cost) for the season. This product will be used in part as member prizes for competitive classes. 

This guarantees that your company will be advertised on:
• All range cards throughout the series
• All printed media throughout the series
• Front page of our website, any digital media that is circulated, and any subsequent mentions throughout the website and Facebook pages as necessary
• Any additional advertisement we may take out.
• Guarantees one title sponsorship for one main event (OTHER than the Championship event).
• A designated area will be set for a representative of your company to run a booth for the purpose of sales and information.

Range cards are essential items that help to organize shooters. These items are viewed during the entire event by members, every time a member shoots or requires information regarding their range. These cards are often taken home as souvenirs of the event as well, and circulation is necessary to all shooters.

Event Title Sponsor: *(Limit of four per year)

Single Event Sponsor:
We would seek a $1500 monetary sponsorship, plus $500 in product based on dealer cost, part of which will be given out at your company’s sponsored event to ensure members have your product in hand, which will ensure they are getting the full effect of the sponsored event.

This would guarantee your company:
• Website advertising
• Facebook and social media advertising
• Signage throughout the event provided by your company
• A designated spot at the sponsored event for a company representative to set up a booth for product sales and demonstration.

Novelty Round Sponsor: *(Limit of one per event)

We would seek a monetary sponsorship of $750.00.

This would guarantee your company:
• Main signage at the entrance of the novelty round for the duration of the event (Signage provided by your company)
• Social media advertisement for your company in direct relation to the novelty round for that event
• One additional sign placed at the entrance of the tournament location provided by your company

General Sponsor: *(No limit on general sponsors)

We would seek a monetary sponsorship of $500.00.

This would guarantee your company:
• Website advertising for the single event sponsored
• Social media mentions when appropriate and necessary
• Inter-event advertisement in the form of signs provided by your company

Social Media Sponsor: *(No limit on social media sponsors)

This is a product only sponsorship. No monetary commitment is required for this partnership. We would seek $2000 in product based on dealer pricing. *(Non current model items should be further discounted than dealer cost)*.

This would guarantee your company:
• Website advertising for the duration of the season throughout the website but not prime positioning
• Social media mentions when appropriate and necessary, on all associated pages and groups
• Inter-event advertisement in the form of signs provided by your company on travel routes and entry to main event rounds.