Proposed Fanshawe Program...please help.

I am contacting you, hoping your network will be able to provide some insight for the future of a program currently under review by Fanshawe College.  We are looking to redevelop this program currently called Computerized Office Essentials (name to be changed as well) with a more local feel to it, and would like the local valued employers to have some input.

We would like to gather as much local data as possible and I am hoping your network will be able to provide some insight.  I believe local businesses that hire office staff would easily identify their needs in relationship to skills and the software/computer system used.

I have attached a survey to be completed to provide us with some data to complete the review.

There is a Review Meeting in Goderich on Dec 5th, to gather those that can provide valuable feedback to attend and collaborate on the design of this program to suit our regional dynamics.


I would really appreciate any assistance you can provide, if you would like to discuss further please feel free to call me.



Kim Reid

Student Engagement Specialist

Huron/Bruce Regional Sites

Faculty of Regional and Continuing Education

COE Review RequestSurvey-1.jpg