AGM Draft Minutes from April 2016

CCHBIA Board of Management

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday,  April 12th  2016

6:15 pm
Fire Hall Board Room, Clinton


Attendance:  Michael Russo, Constance Russo, Sandra Garnet, Marilyn Tyndall, Percy MacDonald, Deb Moran, Dan Colquhoun, Jim Ginn, Darlene Hymers, Roz McFarlan, Steve Doherty, Vicki Lass, Jeff Roy

Regrets:  Tricia Robinson


1.0  Deb Moran motioned to pass the minutes from the 2015 Annual General Meeting.  Dan Colquhoun seconded, all were in favour.  Motion carried.


2.0 Chatter from the Chairs – Michael welcomed everyone to the 2016 Annual General Meeting. 

2015 was a difficult year for the Clinton and Central Huron BIA.  We really felt the loss of the Community Improvement Coordinator.  This was reflected in the cancelation of the Business Excellence Awards Gala, the Farmer’s Market, BA5’s and much more.  Moving forward in 2016 we appreciate and applaud Council’s approval of hiring a full time Community Improvement Coordinator on a 2 year contract.  He or She will work directly with us, the BIA.  We hope that this person can, not only help implement some of the ideas in the Community Improvement Plan but also revitalize the events and promotions of our BIA, and get the spark back in the business people of Central Huron.

During 2015 the BIA worked with Council and Peter J Smith Consulting Company on developing a Community Improvement Plan.  We, as a BIA have high hopes for this project and the ideas that have come out of it.  Our budget for 2015 reflected how we would like to implement some of the ideas from the plan, such as a new branding theme, new banners, creating something in the vacant lot downtown Clinton and more.  Council continues to have questions about the plan and is working on moving forward.  You will notice later in our budget that we are still looking forward to these projects and will move forward in 2016 once the plan is implemented.

If you haven’t been to our website lately, we urge you to check it out.  In 2015, we used a portion of our budget to hire Craig Design to update and improve our website.  It is our hope that we made the CCHBIA website a hub for Central Huron.  It is a great resource for our members and the public, including an events calendar, a link to the radio station, promotions page and more.  We are trying to make it easier for people to know what we are doing as a BIA and what is going on in Central Huron.  We are really trying to bridge the gap in communication with our members and this is the quickest and easiest way we can get information to all of our members, such as agendas and minutes, upcoming events and promotions, and general tools to help run a business.  If you haven’t yet, we invite you to subscribe on the right side of our website and get the pertinent information from our BIA.  The more we have on our calendar, the more we can entice the public to use our website as a hub.  And to make access to this website easy and FREE, the CCHBIA had free wi-fi installed in Millennium Park and Library Park, with access in parts of main Street Clinton.  This was implemented in 2015 but is a project that will continue to help Central Huron keep up with the quick moving technological world we live in.

We are excited to announce that Rosalyn McFarlan from Frank Cameron’s Law Office will be joining our board.  Our 2016 Board of Management consists of Tricia Robinson and Michael Russo as Co-Chairs, Sandy Garnet, Secretary (Made in Huron), Deb Moran, Treasurer, (Libro Credit Union), Dan Colquhoun (Council Rep), Marilyn Tyndall (Crossroads), Jeff Roy (Excalibur Insurance), Dan Groves (Groves TV and Appliances), Darlene Hymers (Reflections) and now Rosalyn McFarlan.  We thank you all for your time and support in the BIA.  Please stay after the meeting portion of our evening so we could get a quick picture of the 2016 BOM. 

In 2016 we look forward to the positive changes for the CCHBIA.  We hope this will be a year of great things.  Of course, we will need you to make this happen.


3.0  Message from Council – Mayor Jim Ginn

Congratulations to all volunteers on BIA.  From Municipality, they are very close to tendering the position for Community Improvement Coordinator.   Hopefully within 1 month the position is full and ready to go.

Communities in Bloom has “Blossomed”…Exciting happenings from that committee.

Mayor’s Mingle coming soon.

Windmill Lake Park has been fully approved –this is a great draw for tourists

Cow Bell Brewery is breaking ground south of Blyth

Reach center doing well – the Municipality is always looking for opportunities to use this outlet---As an education center it is great…the Municipality is looking for ways to keep youth here so more education offered through REACH is beneficial.


4.0  Treasurers Report

4.1  Darlene Hymers motioned to pass the 2015 Audited financial Statements.  Dan Colquhoun seconded, all were in favour.  Motion carried. 


4.2  Pass the 2016 budget   - See ATTACHED Draft Budget

Darlene Hymers motioned to approve the 2016 Budget.  Dan Colquhoun seconded.  All were in favour, motion carried.


5.0  Committee Updates from 2015 and 2016 moving forward  

5.1 Beautification – Marilyn Tyndall

2015 has been the Beautification Committee’s busiest year.   Without the

volunteer help from the committee members Percy McDonald, Eileen Blake, Jane Muegge and Cheryl Hesselwood we would not have been able to

accomplish the goals we set out.  Starting out we again had 40 hanging baskets and 20 street planters to create an inviting streetscape downtown.  We worked with the Community in Blooms to help, then meet, their goals with the marinating of the downtown area and gardens.  Spring/summer and fall banners again were on display on the street poles.  For the fall season, Thanksgiving and the Scarecrow festival and with help of 15 volunteers, 60 street poles were decorated with 650 corn stocks and orange bows.  The corn again was donated by Bert and Nellie Dykstra and their family. 

Christmas decorations again for our town included the swags on the main street.  Christmas lights on the trees in front of the town hall, as well as two trees in front of the cenotaph and the wire tree at the intersection with the

coloured lights.

Our big project we started in the late spring we called “Be Open”.  We asked the people who owned or rented businesses downtown to paint their front, back and or side doors vibrant colours.  Because these are the entrances to our business we want people to check out what is behind these eye catching doors.  They are a hook.  How will you be able to drive or walk past them without catching your attention?  We also created lots of door slogans for businesses to use with their advertising.  To carry this campaign out through the Christmas season we searched out 10 doors and painted them red and green, attached wreaths on some and decorated the cenotaph park with four.  as well as the empty lot on Albert street with five doors and six large spruce trees decorated with lights.  This campaign continues with more coloured doors going up in downtown flower gardens this summer as well as more street doors being painted.  Last we have applied for a grant to help expand our street planters, hanging brackets, benches and other downtown amenities.  We will know later on in the year if we are successful.


5.2  Scarecrow Festival – 2015 Jeff  Roy/ Darlene Hymers 2016 

The Clinton and Central Huron Business Improvement Association is excited to announce that the community’s former “Scarecrow Festival’ has officially been renamed.  This upcoming Thanksgiving weekend will kick start the Municipality of Central Huron’s first annual “Harvest Festival” 2016.  Our theme will be ‘Bringing Together Farmers, Family, Friends & Community’.  New banners will be hung upon entrance into town in accordance with Erie Thames regulations.

Last years’ Scarecrow Festival did prove to be successful in attendance and participation.  Porky Plop Bingo proved to be very successful, catching

interest of both parents and children.  The children’s games were well

attended.  Snippety the Clown proved to be a hit and the Municipality’s firemen with their trucks were popular as well.  The chili cook off was a success with the participation of local business owners.  The BIA operated this event with a budget of $3000 and had a surplus of $1100.

This year the BIA is focusing on expanding this event.  The “Harvest Festival Committee” has brainstormed and put together a list of additional activities and events for this upcoming year that will serve to enhance its existing portfolio.  Some of these activities/events include the first annual “Farmers Appreciation Breakfast”.  As well, the BIA will be hosting local talent for the afternoon.  A reptile zoo has been booked for this event.  The local foodbank will be contacted to explore interest in a possible 5km/10km walk/run in the community, with all proceeds,

monetary and donations of canned goods, being allocated to the community’s local foodbank.

We are always looking for additional volunteers.


5.3 2016 Promotions – Sandy - Business owners met February 26 to discuss dates and ideas for this coming year.

Clinton Business Flyer -  Flyers would consist of your Business Logo or Business Card and upcoming events for Clinton.  Every business would have a supply to hand out to customers during the summer/fall. 

 Pluckinfest will be the July 1 weekend. 

Mid-Summer Sale-

Tiny Tot Parade – Monday, October 31.

Clinton Doors are Open for Christmas (formerly Ladies Night Out) – November 24 Mens’ Night – Thursday, December 22, 2016 - 5-8pm

Gift wrapping should be offered:  Businesses could arrange to have a community group wrap for donations to their group


6.0  Guest Speaker – Vicki Lass County of Huron



8.0  Marilyn Tyndall motioned to Adjourn.


Mix and Mingle


Next regular BOM meeting is Tuesday, May 10th 2016 at the Central Huron Firehall.