Introducing PF Solutions

We would like to introduce you to a non-profit organization that can help you:  
PF Solutions; a supported partner of United Way Perth-Huron.

PF Solutions offers business services at a very cost effective rate. Starting at $10/hour (no tax). PF Solutions can offer such great pricing because it is a practice firm that bridges the gap between training and employment through work experience for those that are unemployed, with the aim to increase the employ-ability of the participants.

Small business start-ups:
“You focus on the big picture while PF Solutions powers your operations”
“PF Solutions can support your swamped staff and volunteers by completing administration tasks” 

Past services were provided for a variety of businesses including; The United Way Perth-Huron; Hockey Above; Carrie’s K9 Cuts, Multicultural Caregivers of Canada; Suttis Metal; Above & Beyond Weddings; The Trillium Early Years Center; & Perth Care for Kids.

PF Solutions can help you…Can you help them? 
130 Youngs St., Conestoga College Campus, Stratford, ON N5A 1J7  519.271.29.78
Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM to 3:30PM

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When your team is time challenged
PF Solutions is the solution!